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History of Gundlach

The George P. Gundlach Theatre was added to Heidelberg’s campus in the year 1975 along with renovations to Founders Hall to turn the dormitory  rooms into classrooms, offices, wardrobes and dressing rooms, and more in celebration of the 125th Anniversary. Though the entire cost was estimated to cost around $700,000 the majority of the cost was covered by George P. Gundlach who became the theatre’s namesake. George P. Gundlach hoped that the performing arts center would serve as a way to bring Heidelberg and the Tiffin community together through civic and cultural projects in a spirit of learning and exploration. 


“Then there comes the time also when one must think of ‘foods for the mind’

in the enjoyment of finer things of life, 

such as art and entertainment, whether it be music or the performing arts.”


- George P. Gundlach 

Theatre Productions

Every year Heidelberg University School of Music and Theatre produces a 4 show main-stage season

Music Performances

From Sondheim, to Pucinni, to John Williams and Mozart, the music scene at Heidelberg is as diverse those performing it.

Community Music School

If you have a passion for music, we have a place for people of all ages and experience levels. 

Campus Events

Music and Theater are not the only ways to get involved on campus here are Heidelberg. 

Guest Artists Program

We bring in nationally recognized guest artists to work with our students in the classroom and on productions.

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