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Spooky Dog and the Teen-age Mystery Gang

A Note From the Director

Spooky Dog and the Teen-age Mystery Gang is a mature adaptation of a familiar 70s Saturday morning cartoon. This show is set at some time, in some place, with some friends as they solve the mystery of the Creepola County, County Fair full of hijinks, side missions, and a couple of creepsters! After a short three-week rehearsal process, the Heidelberg theatre department and members of Alpha Psi Omega have come together to create a wacky show full of laughs we can’t wait to share with Tiffin audiences.

Jasmine Ridler

Cast List

Principle Characters 

Ted, Jackson Helmholtz

Tiffany, Gretta Griesbach

Thelma, Bri Clark

Scraggly, Nick Tallion

Spooky Dog, Jadon Muniz

Big Woody/Phantom, Ben Pollizi

Mrs. Woodhaven/Fortuana, Zaria Keys

Preshow Singers

Amelia Hammond

Sarah Jewell

Lexi Lang

Ben Pollizi

Jasmine Ridler

Caleb Silvia

Production/Creative Team

Director, Jasmine Ridler

Assistant Director, Lexi Lang

Stage Manager, Gavin Buurma

Assistant Stage Manager, Amelia Hammond

Costume Designer, Isaac Hulbert

Sound Designer, Autumn Perry

Lighting Designers, Ben Pollizi & Lexy Saxon

Hair/Makeup Designer, Bri Clark

Scenic Designer/Props Master, Solana Petrone

Meet the Cast

Clark, Bri (1).JPG

Bri Clark she/her (Ensemble) is a junior Musical Theater major and is on track to get her MBA. She has participated in theatrical shows pretty much her entire life. Bri has been a part of more than fourteen productions here at Heidelberg including The Addams Family (Pugsley) and She Kills Monsters (Lilith). She also participates as the Scenic Charge and Graphic Designer for the theater department. Bri is excited about what the future holds for her!

Griesbach, Gretta.jpeg

Gretta Griesbach is a Senior Theatre Major here at Heidelberg University. She has been performing in productions all throughout middle school and high school. She has performed on the Heidelberg stage in She Kills Monsters (Farrah/Evil Tina), Freaky Friday (Ensemble), Elf (Ensemble), Dog Sees God (Marcy), Heathers (Republicanette), 9 to 5 (Ensemble), The Addams Family (Ensemble), My First Time, Pride and Prejudice (Caroline Bingley), A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Helena), Cinderella (Madame), and Chicago (Ensemble). Gretta is super excited for her senior year and what amazing opportunities will be offered. She would like to thank her friends and family for all their support in everything she does and loves them all!

Helmholtz, Jackson.jpeg

Jackson Helmholtz (Ted) is a sophomore acting major. He has been in multiple productions at Heidelberg University including My First Time, Pride and Prejudice (Ensemble), The Cake (The Voice), A Midsummer Night's Dream (Flute/Thisbe), Cinderella (Ensemble/Dance Captain), Chicago (AD/Ensemble), and now Spooky Dog! He is so excited to get to be performing in the black box theatre once again. He'd like to thank his family and friends for their constant support that they provide. He hopes you enjoy the show!

Keys, Zaria (1).png

Zaria Keys is a Sophomore and is currently double majoring in Psychology and Theatre with a concentration in Acting. This is Zaria’s ninth performance returning to Heidelberg’s Theatre Program. She is originally from Lima, OH and is so excited for this year's season! Some of her favorite past roles have been Lady Catherine in Pride and Prejudice and Macy in The Cake. Thank you to the audience for your support, hope you all enjoy the show!

Muniz, Jadon.png

Jadon Muniz is a junior this year at Heidelberg University. He is majoring in Theatre with a concentration in Acting as well as majoring in Business. Jadon is so excited to be a part of this amazing production with all these amazing people. He would like to thank his parents and brother for their constant love and support.

Pollizi, Ben (3).JPG

Ben Pollizi He/Him is a senior musical theatre major and is so excited to be back for his final Gundlach season! He has previously performed in Dog Sees God (Beethoven), Pride and Prejudice (Mr. Collins), Puffs (Oliver Rivers), as well as many other shows. He also has served as the resident Master Electrician for theater for the last three years. He runs the Make-A-Scene Improv Troupe as well as he is co-presidents of Alpha Psi Omega with Bri Clark. He would like to thank Carol Dusdieker for her constant support.

Talion, Nick.jpg

Nick Talion is a senior at Heidelberg and is so excited to be a part of the cast of Spooky Dog! He has been in previous productions here at Gundlach such as Cabaret (Ernst), She Kills Monsters (Miles), Dog Sees God (CB), My First Time, and Pride and Prejudice (Darcy). He would like to thank his friends and family for all the support and for helping him make it this far, as well as the entire cast and the production team for making this show such an amazing experience!

Meet the Production/Creative Team


Gavin Buurma is a MBA graduate student from Willard, Ohio. He has worked on various productions at Heidelberg including The Addams Family, Elf, 9 to 5, Fun Home, Cabaret, and Cinderella. Gavin directed his first full-length production, The Cake by Bekah Brunstetter, in our new black box space last year. He would like to thank his friends and family, especially his mom, for all of their support. The cast and crew have worked incredibly hard on this production and he is very excited for everyone to see the product!

Hammond, Amelia.jpeg

Amelia Hammond she/her (Assistant Stage Manager) is very excited for her first time working backstage in a production! She is a first-year Musical Theater major and Theater Education minor. Amelia has previously performed in Chicago: The Musical (Ensemble), and will be performing in Wendy & Peter Pan later this year. She would like to thank Gavin Buurma, Lexi Lang, and Jasmine Ridler for showing her the ropes on what it means to work behind the scenes!

Lang, Lexi (1).jpeg

Lexi Lang (she/her) is happy to be back helping out in black box theater this fall. She has previously performed in her own show The Saga (Amelia Cullen), Pride and Prejudice (Mary Bennet), and Heathers the Musical (Martha's Understudy) here at Heidelberg. She is honored that she was able to work on so many technical elements for Spooky Dog. Lexi would like to thank the cast, the stage management team, Jasmine Ridler, and Dr. Carol Dusdieker for believing in her and helping her grow as director.

Perry, Autumn

Autumn Perry she/her (Sound Designer) is a sophomore Theatre Production and English major at Heidelberg University and is incredibly thrilled to sound design the blackbox show, Spooky Dog and the Teen-Age Mystery Gang. Autumn has previously been involved in Heidelberg's productions of Addams Family, (Assistant Stage Manager) Eurydice, (Stage Manager) Chicago, (Stage Manager) and Misery. (Sound Designer) Autumn is very grateful for her production roles this semester and is looking forward to another amazing year in the theater. Autumn would also like to thank her loved ones for all the support they offer her, as she would not be where she is today, all on her own.

Ridler, Jasmine.JPG

Jasmine Ridler is a graduate student in the MBA program this year. She is honored and elated to be directing yet another show here at Heidelberg. Throughout her 4 years at Heidelberg, she has done numerous productions with a variety of acting and production jobs. She has Assistant Directed and designed Hair/ Makeup for Heidelberg’s production of Sara Ruhl’s Eurydice. Throughout all her acting roles her favorites have been Mrs. Bennet in Pride and Prejudice, Roz in 9 to 5, and Fraulein Schnider in Cabaret. She would like to thank her youth voice teacher Miss Helen Todd for her belief in her and passion for helping her grow. And finally,  she would like to thank her family and her partner, Leo Swain, for his love and support.

Saxon, Lexy.JPG

Lexy Saxon is a sophomore acting student who took an interest in lighting last year and is now the lighting assistant. At Heidelberg, she helped design the blackbox show, The Saga, assisted in lighting for Taylor Richardson's senior show, and also was the main designer for Lizzie Bowman's senior show last year. Over the summer she worked with Ben Pollizi at Lakeside in Hoover Auditorium as his lighting assistant. This year she is helping Ben Polizi with the lighting for Spooky Dog and helping with the lights for all the shows. She hopes you enjoy the show!

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