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Spongebob The Musical!

A Note From the Director

The Spongebob Musical is a goofy, comedic interpretation of the early 2000’s animated comedy Spongebob Squarepants. With the music written by a wide range of artists from Panic! At The Disco to The Plain White Ts, there is a song in this show from everyone. This kid friendly show will have everyone of any age laughing and dancing along with the characters on stage. This production is one that reminds us of the importance of friendship, family, and what to do when a volcano is about to erupt!


Jackson Helmholtz

Cast List

Principle Characters 

Spongebob Squarepants, Wilhemina Opferman

Sandy Cheeks, Sarah Jewell

Eugene Krabs, Ben Pollizi

Patrick Star, Zaria Keys

Sheldon Plankton, Amelia Hammond

Squidward Q. Tentacles, Jacob Reuter

Pearl Krabs, Natalie Kwasny-Jackson


Karen the Computer (U/S Sandy Cheeks)Natalie Joritz

Mrs. Puff, Scooter Austin

Patchy the Pirate/Electric Skates/Sardine Corps (U/S Spongebob Squarepants), Jack Mills

Perch Perkins, Jadon Muniz

Larry the Lobster/Sardine Corps (U/S Patrick Star), Garrett Hummel

The Mayor (U/S Pearl Krabs), Lexi Lang

Electric Skate/Bff (U/S Squidward Q. Tentacles), Jacob Frankart

Electric Skate/BFF (U/S Sheldon Plankton), Serria Allen

Gary/Old Man Jenkins/Sardine Corps (U/S Eugene Krabs), Dermot Healy

Security Guard/Buster Bluetang/Sardine Corps (U/S Patchy The Pirate), Cole Miller

Johnny the Bartender/Sardine Corps, McKenna Williams

Sardine Corps, Ashtyn Wolph

Sardine Corps/BFF, Kerryann Copenhaver

Security Guard/Sardine Corps, Serria Allen

French Narrator, Nick Talion

Tap DancerRebecca Eppard

Pit Orchestra

Trombone, Kurtis Meeker

Trumpet, Abbey Yarris

Keyboard, Payton Luikart

PercussionKortland Andrews

Cello, Daniel Owen

Bass, Travis Fletcher

Guitar, Dr. Christopher Schoelen

Woodwinds, Sydney Fortney, Kayden Gilbert, Sophia Lee, Jayce Porter

Production/Creative Team

Director/ChoreographerKarla Kash

Assistant Director, Jackson Helmholtz

Assistant Choreographer/Sound Designer, Chantress Dewitt

Music Director, Gregory Ramsdell

Assistant Music Director, Sarah Jewell

Technical Director, Ben Bodart

Assistant Technical Director/Light Board OperatorAutumn Perry

Stage Manager, Vaiden Mallonn

Assistant Stage Managers, Riley Ameel & Emily Garberich

Props Master, Riley Ameel

Assistant Props Designer, Emma Raber

Lighting/Scenic/Costume Designer, Sue Hlavinka

Assistant Lighting Designers, Lexy Saxon & Ben Pollizi

Assistant Scenic Designer, Solana Petrone

Assistant Costume Designers, Wilhelmina Opferman & Natalie Joritz

Projection Designer, Matthew Herman

Dramaturg, Ben Pollizi

Hair & Makeup, Jasmine Ridler & Lexi Lang

Sound Board Operator, Chris Sgalla

Scenic Charge, Bri Clark

Marketing, Gavin Buurma

Meet the Cast

Allen, Serria (2).jpg

Serria Allen she/they (Electric Skates/Ensemble) is a sophomore English and Media major and is thrilled to be apart of this production! Their previous shows have been Addams Family (Ensemble), Chicago (Select Dance Ensemble) and The Rocky Horror Picture Show (The Lips). As well as Rodgers and Hammerstein Cinderella and Wendy and Peter both as Assistant Stage Manager. She was also the sound designer and operator of Les Liaisons Dangereuses. They were also the show photographer for many of the black box and main stage shows. She would like to thank everyone in the audience for coming out and supporting an amazing cast!

Austin, Scooter (1).png

Scooter Austin they/them (Mrs. Puff/Ensemble) is thrilled to be making their Gundlach Theater debut in a musical production. They previously performed in Wendy and Peter (Shadow), Top Girls (Mrs. Kidd), and in the student-directed production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show (Frank-n-Furter) in 2021. At other theaters, they have performed in Little Shop of Horrors (Mr. Mushnik), and Tracks (Lawyer).

Ballinger, Lucas.jpg

Lucas Ballinger he/him (Ensemble) is a freshman music education major, he is excited to do his first ever musical. He would like to thank Dr. Carol Dusdeiker for proposing the idea of him being in the musical this year.

Copenhaver, Kerry.jpeg

Kerry Copenhaver she/her (Ensemble) is a first year student making her Gundlach debut in Spongebob the Musical. She participated in theater in high school including Seussical and Guys and Dolls as ensemble. She is very thankful to have received the opportunity to join Heidelberg’s wonderful production!

Frankhart, Jacob.jpg

Jacob Frankart he/him (Electric Scale/Squidward Tentacles u.s.) cannot be more excited to perform this production of SpongeBob SquarePants: The Musical! A few of the shows he has performed in at Heidelberg include last semester’s Chicago (Dance Ensemble), Wendy and Peter (Murt the Bat), and Les Liaisons Dangereuses (Le Chevalier Danceny). Jacob believes this will be quite the show to wrap up his freshman year and be a great launching point for many more years of performing. He hopes you all enjoy the show and wants to give a special shout-out to his family who has supported him every step of the way.

Hammond, Amelia.cr2

Amelia Hammond she/her (Sheldon Plankton) is so pleased to round off her freshman year with a bang in this production of The Spongebob Musical! She is a first year Theatre major with a musical theater concentration. Amelia has previously performed in Wendy & Peter Pan (Crocodile), Les Liaisons Dangereuses (Cecile Volanges), and We Have Apples (Jane). She would like to thank everyone associated with Gundlach Theatre as she’s had the absolute pleasure to learn and grow as an actor, student, and person through the theater community at Heidelberg.

Healy, Dermot (3).jpg

Dermot Healy he/him (Gary) is excited to be a part of this production of SpongeBob SquarePants the Musical. His other shows include The Other Place(Man), Wendy and Peter Pan (Tom), and Chicago (Ensemble). This is his first year at Heidelberg, and he is looking forward to a great four years here.

Hummel, Garrett.jpg

Garrett Hummel is a senior theatre major who plays the role of Larry the Lobster in The Spongebob Musical. Other Heidelberg performances include: The Cake, The Addams Family, Heathers, Freaky Friday and Elf. He has also been involved in Black Swamp productions of Clue, The Musical and Psych. Garrett also had roles in the movies, The Legend of Holcomb Road and Amorette Hotel.

Jewell, Sarah (5).png

Sarah Jewell she/her (Sandy Cheeks) is thrilled to be back on the Gundlach stage for her last show of freshman year. She is a freshman musical theatre major and Spanish and theatre education minor. Sarah has previously performed in We Have Apples (Charlie's Depression), Top Girls (Dull Gret/Angie), Chicago (Hunyak) among other shows. She would like to dedicate this show to her twin sister, as she has supported her through all of her hardships.

Joritz, Natalie (7).JPEG

Natalie Joritz she/her (Karen the Computer) is thrilled to be a part of this production and bring such an iconic character to life. Natalie is a junior musical theatre major with a business minor from Garfield Heights, Ohio. Previous stage credits include Emilie/Adele (Les Liaisons Dangereuses), Martin the Cabin Boy (Wendy and Peter Pan), and Mama Morton (Chicago). Natalie is also a member of the Studio 2 Stage ensemble, Make A Scene improv troupe, Zeta Theta Psi, and Alpha Psi Omega. Love goes out to her friends and family for all their support, the production team for making this show happen, and all the kids that will come see this show and fall in love with the theatre, just like she did. Enjoy the show!

Keys, Zaria (6).png

Zaria Keys she/her (Patrick Star) is a Sophomore and is currently double majoring in Psychology and Theatre with a concentration in Acting. SpongeBob the Musical is one of the many performances that Zaria has been involved in. You may have seen her before in The Cake (Macy), Chicago ("Six"), and/or Wendy and Peter (John)! Zaria is an avid SpongeBob enthusiast and would be ecstatic to hear any and all of your SpongeBob references after the show. She would love to give a special thank you to the cast and crew of this nautical show and last but not least, the audience for their support! In the wise words of Patrick Star himself, “I wumbo, you wumbo, he, she, me, wumbo.”

Kwasny-Jackson, Natalie.jpeg

Natalie Kwasny she/her (Pearl Krabs) is beyond excited for her debut on the Gundlach stage. Natalie is a first year Music Education major, and is involved in the University’s Concert Choir, as well as being a member of the sorority Delta Sigma Chi on campus. She would like to thank her high school theatre director, Brian Marshall, for always believing in her and for teaching her everything she knows about the world of music and theatre. She would also like to thank her friends and family for always being there to support her in every single production she is a part of.

Lang, Lexi (4).jpeg

Lexi Lang she/her (The Mayor of Bikini Bottom) is happy to be back on the mainstage this spring. She previously performed her own show, The Saga (Amelia Cullen), in the black box space. On Heidelberg’s main stage, she has had roles such as Chicago (Mary Sunshine), Pride and Prejudice (Mary Bennet), and Wendy and Peter Pan (Curly). Lexi would like to thank her friends and family, the production team/leaders, and Dr. Carol Dusdeiker for believing in her and helping her grow as a performer.

Miller, Cole.jpeg

Cole Miller he/him (Security Guard/Buster Bluetang/Sardine Corps/Ensemble) is a freshman at Heidelberg University currently pursuing a Music Education degree. This is his first ever production in a theatrical setting. He can’t wait to see how this show goes and the many memories that are going to be made. Cole would like to thank all his friends at the berg that pushed him to audition for a role in the show!

Mills, Jack (2).png

Jack Mills (Patchy the Pirate) is a Junior musical theatre major. He has performed in Heidelberg’s production’s Dance Nation as Luke, Lucas in The Addams Family Musical, Puck in A Midsummer’s Night Dream and Slightly in Wendy and Peter. He assistant directed a student directed play in the Black Box theater called My First Time, and recently co-directed Misery. He is very excited to play Patchy The Pirate and Electric Skate in Heidelberg’s production of Spongebob The Musical. He wants to thank his friends and family for their continuous support. He would also like to thank the cast and crew of Spongebob The Musical for their hard work, dedication, and being such great role models, and great people to work with. Hope you enjoy the show!

Muniz, Jadon (1).png

Jadon Muñiz is a junior this year at Heidelberg University. He is majoring in Theatre with a concentration in Acting as well as majoring in Business. Jadon is so excited to be a part of this amazing production with all these amazing people. He would like to thank his parents and brother for their constant love and support. Jadon has performed various roles at Heidelberg, his favorites being: Sebastion in Cinderella, Father in Eurydice, Smee in Wendy and Peter Pan, and Spooky in Spooky Dog.

Opferman, Wilhelmina (1).jpg

Wilhelmina Opferman she/her (SpongeBob Squarepants, Assistant Costume Designer) could not be more excited (and elated! and enthused! and stoked! and pumped! and thrilled!) for this show! She is a freshman musical theatre major, with minors in history and German. Previously at Heidelberg, she has performed in Top Girls (Waitress/Kit/Shona), Wendy and Peter Pan (Shadow, u/s Michael, Tootles, and the Crocodile), and Chicago (Ensemble). On the production side of things, Wilhelmina designed the hair and makeup for Les Liaisons Dangereuses and costumed this year’s production of Rocky Horror. Outside of theatre, she is a member of the Euglossian Society, sings in Heidelberg Concert Choir, and is on the color guard of the Heidelberg University Marching Band. Wilhelmina would like to remind her past self that even a watched pot will boil (sometimes it just takes five years).

Pollizi, Ben (1).jpeg

Ben Pollizi he/him (Eugene Krabs) is so excited to be on stage one last time playing Mr Krabs in SpongeBob! Previous roles include Beethoven (Dog Sees God), Oliver Rivers (Puffs), and Mr. Darling (Wendy and Peter). He also has served as the resident master electrician for the last three years. He would like to thank all of his peers at Heidelberg for making these last four years ones he will never forget. Enjoy the show!

Reuter, Jacob (1).jpg

Jacob Reuter he/him (Squidward Tentacles) is excited to be back in Gundlach for his second show. He would like to thank his friends and family, the incredible Heidelberg faculty for helping him find his way onto the Gundlach stage, and the theatre department for fostering such a kind and supportive environment.

Williams, McKenna.jpg

McKenna Williams she/her (Ensemble) is excited to make an appearance on the Gundlach stage performing Spongebob The Musical. This is her first show at Heidelberg and she is honored to be a part of such an amazing cast. She is also involved in the Heidelberg concert choir as well as the Heidelberg marching band/concert band, in addition to majoring in psychology. McKenna would like to thank her friends in the theatre department for encouraging her to explore new activities that are out of her comfort zone as well as making her feel welcomed and comfortable in the process.

Wolph, Ashtyn.JPG

Ashtyn Wolph she/her (Ensemble) is a junior music education major and acting minor. At Heidelberg, she has previously performed in Puffs, or Seven Increasingly Eventful Years at a Certain School of Magic and Magic (Hannah) and Elf the Musical (Ensemble). Along with theater, Ashtyn is also a member of the Heidelberg University Symphonic Band, Concert Choir, Chamber Singers, and Saxophone Quartet. As a member of the composition studio, she is currently paired with the Ritz theater to create incidental music for the upcoming play Harvey. Ashtyn is excited to have the opportunity to participate in another production at Heidelberg and hopes everyone enjoys the show!

Meet the Production/Creative Team

Ameel, Riley (3).png

Riley Ameel (Prop Master & Assistant Stage Manager) is currently a sophomore and is so excited to be working on this show! She fell in love with making props in this show and would like to give her Papa a shout-out for his help on the Avalanche Maker 3000. Riley is also an actor here at Heidelberg, she recently was Wendy in Heidelberg’s fall production of Wendy and Peter. Riley has been in 9 productions at Gundlach. Some of her other favorite productions at Gundlach were either A Year of Frog and Toad (lady bird) or Chicago (Mona/featured dancer). Riley also plays volleyball here at Heidelberg University and is actively involved at Grace Church. She would like to thank her parents, sister, and all of her friends.  She loved working with these talented students to put this show together. The staff has been lovely to work with, and she would like to give a special thanks to Sue Halviank for helping her with props and believing in her ideas. 1 Corinthians 10:31

Helmholtz, Jackson.png

Jackson Helmholtz he/him (Assistant Director/Aaron/Doctor/Ensemble #5) is a sophomore acting major. He has been in multiple productions at Heidelberg University including My First Time, Pride and Prejudice (Ensemble), The Cake (The Voice), A Midsummer Night's Dream (Flute/Thisbe), Eurydice (Light board operator) Cinderella (Ensemble/Dance Captain), and now Chicago! This is his first time assistant directing a production. He hopes you enjoy the show!

Kash, Karla (2).jpg

Karla Kash she/her (Director/Choreographer) is an Associate Professor and Director of the Theatre program at Heidelberg University. Professor Kash is thrilled to be working with this group of talented and tenacious actors, designers, and the production team.


Ms. Kash is over the moon to be a part of the Heidelberg family and Tiffin community. Professor Kash is in her seventeenth year in higher education and has previously taught at Iowa State University, Drake University (where she was tenured), University at Albany (SUNY), and Saginaw Valley State University.


Ms. Kash is a professional Director and Choreographer (member of the Society of Directors and Choreographers) and Actor (member of the Actors Equity Association), as well as a Fight Director who is certified in six weapons (The Society of American Fight Directors).


Some of Ms. Kash’s favorite roles are Barbara in August: Osage County at Repertory Theatre of Iowa; Susan in the musical [title of show] and Becca in Rabbit Hole at StageWest; Diana in Next to Normal at Des Moines Onstage; Lady Capulet in Romeo and Juliet at American Theatre for Actors in NYC (and was the production's fight director); and Martha in A Piece of My Heart at the Metropolitan Playhouse, NYC. Karla’s most incredible experience as an actor is playing Josie in A Moon for the Misbegotten opposite her mentor, the late Jonathan McMurtry, at North Coast Repertory Theatre in Solana Beach, CA, under the direction of David Ellenstein.


Ms. Kash’s favorite productions as a professional director, choreographer, and or fight director are Parade, Jerry Springer the Opera, Spring Awakening, and Avenue Q for StageWest; West Side Story, Rock of Ages, and The Wedding Singer for The Des Moines Playhouse; As You Like It, The Glass Menagerie, and The Taming of the Shrew for The Repertory Theatre of Iowa; The World Goes ‘Round for The International Lyric Academy in Italy; and Shipwrecked at The Black Hills Playhouse. A career highlight for Karla was doing the fight direction for the Broadway National Tour of La Cage Aux Folles.


Some of Professor Kash’s favorite productions as a producer, director, choreographer, and/or fight director at the University level are Wendy and Peter Pan at HU, Godspell, A Dolls House, and Hair at The University at Albany; Heathers, Sweeney Todd, Twelfth Night, A Man of No Importance, and bare: a pop opera at Drake University; and A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Pavillion, The Music Man, and My Fair Lady at Iowa State University.


Ms. Kash earned her BFA in Acting with an emphasis in Dance, Directing, and Musical Theatre from Wright State University and her MFA in Acting with a focus on Classical Theatre and Movement Studies from Brandeis University. Professor Kash’s highlight of her educational career is receiving the distinguished Madlyn Levitt Mentor of the Year award at Drake University.

Mallonn, Vaiden.jpeg

Vaiden Mallonn she/her (Stage Manager) Vaiden is a junior Middle Childhood and Special Education Major. During this semester, she has also stage managed Top Girls! Vaiden first appeared on the Gundlach stage in Chicago (ensemble) and has since been involved in Wendy and Peter Pan (assistant stage manager) and Top Girls (stage manager). She has absolutely loved every minute of working on this production, and would like to thank her family, friends, and everyone involved in this production for everything that they have done throughout the course of this production and through her career! Enjoy the show and your trip to Bikini Bottom!!

Perry, Autumn

Autumn Perry she/her (Assistant Technical Director/Light Board Operator) is a sophomore Theatre Production and English Literature major at Heidelberg University and is incredibly thrilled to be the assistant technical director for the main stage production of SpongeBob the Musical, this Spring. Autumn has previously been involved in Heidelberg's productions of Eurydice, (Stage Manager) Chicago, (Stage Manager) Misery, (Sound Designer) Top Girls, (Sound Designer) Les Liaisons Dangereuses, (Stage Manager) and most recently Porch (Light Designer) Autumn is extremely grateful for her production roles this semester and is looking forward to another wonderful year in the theater. Autumn would also like to thank her loved ones for all the support they offer her, as she would not be where she is today, all on her own.

Petrone, Solana (2).jpeg

Solana Petrone she/her (Assistant Set Designer) is extremely excited to be working on this production. Even as a performance major Solana has explored production over her four years through assistant directing main stage shows, and trying her hand at set designing. She has previously performed in Chicago (June), 9 to 5 (Violet Newstead), Dance Nation (Zuzu), as well as other shows, while also serving as the student scene shop foreman here at Heidelberg. 

Ridler, Jasmine (2).JPG

Jasmine Ridler she/they (Assistant Hair and Makeup Designer) is a recent theatre grad and Master’s student pursuing her degree in Business at Heidelberg. Throughout her five years at Heidelberg, both undergraduate and graduate, she has done numerous productions with a variety of acting and production jobs. Recently, she has Directed Heidelberg’s Black Box production of Eric Pliner’s Spooky Dog. Some of her favorite acting roles during her undergraduate years were Cinderella (Marie), Dolly Parton's 9 to 5 (Roz), and Cabaret (Fraulein Schnieder). She would like to thank her family and her partner, Leo Swain, for his love and support.

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