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A Note From the Director
A contemporary drama showing how far one can push a relationship or friendship. Porch shows what life can be like for a group of "friends" who are all on the edge, the question is who will fall first? Will it be the one struggling in an abusive relationship, the one who is chasing after someone who doesn't love them, or the one in love with a cheater. These characters continuously see how far they can push each other before they break. 

I first found Porch at the beginning of my Freshman year. A few of my friends gathered and we did a read through that opened my eyes to the complexity of this show. I had the amazing opportunity of reaching out and having an email discussion with the playwright, Alex Kump. I have found myself intrinsically linked with this show and I am excited for everyone to get to see the first in-person performance of Porch!
Jackson Helmholtz 

Cast List

Jeff, CJ Davis

Scott, Isaac Hulbert

Alicia, Bri Clark

Vincent, Nick Talion

Valerie, Gretta Griesbach


Production/Creative Team

Director, Jackson Helmholtz

Stage Manager, Lexy Saxon

Fight Captain/Scenic Designer, Nick Talion

Sound Designer, Ben Pollizi

Sound Board Operator, Elayna Brock

Lighting Designer, Autumn Perry

Light Board Operator, Kam Mohney

Scenic Charge, Bri Clark

Costume Designer, Natalie Joritz

Props Masters, Zaria Keys & Taylor Yunker

Hair & Makeup, Amelia Hammond

Marketing, Gavin Buurma, Chantress Dewitt

Meet the Cast

Clark, Bri (5).jpg

Bri Clark (Alicia) is a senior Musical Theater major and is on track to get her MBA. She has loved theater her whole life. Bri has been in multiple shows here at Heidelberg including Pride and Prejudice, She Kills Monsters, Addams Family, Dangerous Liaisons and many more. She also participates as the Scenic Charge and Graphic designer for the theater department. Bri is excited for her future here at Heidelberg as well as what will follow once she graduates! 

Davis, CJ (2).jpeg

CJ Davis he/him (Jeff) is very excited to continue his career on stage in Porch as Jeff at Heidelberg University with his third show this semester just coming off of closing his first two shows at the Berg in Les Liaisons Dangereuses where he played Azolan and We Have Apples. He is a Psychology and Musical Theater double major with an Athletic Coaching minor and also plays football here at Heidelberg. Throughout high school, CJ was in the pit playing bass guitar, behind the scenes with his parents who gave him his love for theater, and has recently shifted to performing on stage in shows like Monty Python’s Spamalot (Sir Lancelot) and The Laramie Project: 10 Years Later (Aaron McKinney). CJ is beyond excited to be a part of the theater family and can’t wait to see where it takes him.

Griesbach, Gretta (2).jpg

Gretta Griesbach (Valerie) is a Senior Theatre Major here at Heidelberg University. She has been performing in productions all throughout middle school and high school. She has performed on the Heidelberg stage in She Kills Monsters (Farrah/Evil Tina), Freaky Friday (Ensemble), Elf (Ensemble), Dog Sees God (Marcy), Heather’s (Republicanette), 9 to 5 (Ensemble), Addams Family (Ensemble), My First Time, Pride and Prejudice (Caroline Bingley), A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Helena), Cinderella (Madame), Chicago (Ensemble), Tiffany (Spooky Dog and The Teenage Mystery Gang), Wendy and Peter (Hook), and Top Girls (Pope Joan/Louise). Gretta is super excited for her senior year and what amazing opportunities will be offered. She would like to thank her friends and family for all their support in everything she does and loves them all!

Hulbert, Isaac.jpeg

Isaac Hulbert (Scott) has always been fascinated with productions of all kinds on and off stage. Now that he is here at Heidelberg University, he is able to live out my dreams on the stage. He is honored to have the opportunity to participate in this show.

Talion, Nick.png

Nick Talion (Vincent) is a senior at Heidelberg and is so excited to return to Gundach for yet another production! He has been in previous productions here at Gundlach such as Cabaret (Ernst),  She Kills Monsters (Miles), Dog Sees God (CB), My First Time, Pride and Prejudice (Darcy),  Spooky Dog and the Teenage Mystery Gang (Scraggly), and most recently Les Liaisons Dangereuses (Valmont). He would like to thank his friends and family for all the support and for helping him make it this far, as well as the entire cast and the director for making this show a memorable one!

Meet the Production/Creative Team

Hammond, Amelia (3).jpeg

Amelia Hammond she/her (Hair & Makeup Designer) is so happy to have created the looks for the characters in this amazing production of Porch! She took inspiration from sitcom shows, such as FRIENDS, and 90s-2000s styles. Amelia would like to thank Jackson Helmholtz and Lexy Saxon for helping her throughout the process, and all of the cast members for a spectacular experience working with them. Her next appearance in Gundlach Theater will be in the production of Spongebob: The Musical in late April!


Jackson Helmholtz (Director) is extremely excited to be the director of this production. This is his first full length play that he has been able to direct, other directing credits include Heidelberg Holiday Playlist (Co-Writer, Co-Director), Chicago (Assistant Director), Spongebob The Musical (Assistant Director), Call of the Revolution (Director) Say Nothing (Director), Genesis (Director), and Alice (Co-Director). He would like to thank his parents and sisters for their constant unending support, he'd also like to thank his cast and crew for helping him create such a beautiful show.

Joritz, Natalie (4).jpeg

Natalie Joritz (Costume Designer) is thrilled to be a part of this production. This is her first time doing costumes for a show, but you can see her assistant costume designer The Spongebob Musical next month. Previously, she’s served as the props master for Les Liaisons Dangereuses, as well as the music director for The Saga. Love goes out to her friends and family for all their support, the production team that made this show happen, and Jackson for trusting her with the costumes for his passion project. Enjoy the show!

Keys, Zaria (5).png

Zaria Keys she/her (Props Master) is a Sophomore and is currently double majoring in Psychology and Theatre with a concentration in Acting. She is excited to be helping out with this incredible show and can’t wait for the audience to be wowed by all the hard work of the cast and crew! She hopes you enjoy the show

Mohney, Kamryn (1).png

Kamryn Mohney (Lightboard Operator) is a musical theatre major and a business minor hoping to achieve her MBA at Heidelberg University. Kamryn is a senior and debuted on the Gundlach Theater stage as Fraulein Kost in Cabaret as a freshman. A few other roles Kamryn has enjoyed while being at Heidelberg are: Medium Allison in Fun Home, Wednesday Addams in The Addams Family, Heather McNamara in Heathers, and Velma Kelly in Chicago. Offstage, Kamryn has stage managed Rodger & Hammerstein’s Cinderella and Wendy and Peter Pan. Kamryn would love to thank her friends and family for all of their support. She has been involved with theatre since the seventh grade and is delighted to help off stage as Light Board Operator.


Autumn Perry she/her (Lighting Designer) is a sophomore Theatre Production and English Literature major at Heidelberg University and is incredibly thrilled to be the lighting designer for the black box show, Porch, this March. Autumn has previously been involved in Heidelberg's productions of Eurydice, (Stage Manager) Chicago, (Stage Manager) Misery, (Sound Designer) Top Girls. (Sound Designer) and most recently Les Liaisons Dangereuses. (Stage Manager) Autumn is extremely grateful for her production roles this semester and is looking forward to another wonderful year in the theater. Autumn would also like to thank her loved ones for all the support they offer her, as she would not be where she is today, all on her own.

Pollizi Ben.jpeg

Ben Pollizi he/him (Sound Designer) is a senior musical theatre major and is very excited to be involved with Porch! His favorite acting roles at Heidelberg include Oliver Rivers in Puffs, Mr. Darling in Wendy and Peter, and Beethoven in Dog Sees God. He will be playing Mr. Krabs in SpongeBob the Musical in April! His favorite lighting design credits are 4:48 Psychosis, Wendy and Peter, and Chicago. He would like to thank Jackson and the entire cast and crew of Porch for allowing him to be involved, and he hopes you enjoy the show!

Saxon, Lexy (5).JPG

Lexy Saxon she/her (Stage Manager/Master Electrician) is a sophomore theater production student with a minor in writing. She has been the Assistant stage manager for Les Liasons Dangerous, the lighting designer for Top Girls and We Have Apples, the assistant lighting designer for The Saga, The Cake, Spooky Dog, Chicago, Wendy and Peter, and Les Liasons Dangerous. This is her first time being the stage manager! This is also Lexy's first semester as the Master Electrician for Gundlach Theater! She has been the lighting Assistant for the past year and a half. She would like to thank her friends and family for always supporting her and pushing her to be the best she can be!

Yunker, Taylor (2).jpeg

Taylor Yunker (Props Master) is a sophomore musical theater major here at Heidelberg. She made her debut last fall as an ensemble member of The Addams Family. Taylor was an actress in My First Time, played a Shadow (u/s Wendy) in Wendy and Peter Pan, and most recently was Marlene in Top Girls. She is so grateful for all of her friends and family that support her. 

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