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A Note From the Director

“Gravity is very compelling” 

The inevitability of ending haunts the story of Eurydice. Whether the end of a marriage, a moment, or the end of our own existence. How it ends, when our string of fate is snapped, is the thing. Sarah Ruhl wrote Eurydice as a chance to have a few more conversations and moments following the death of her father. The need to create a few more moments permeates the play to create a sketchbook of experiences where we are asked to pay attention to those small moments. As we can not escape the ending no more than can escape gravity. Eurydice and her father show us that life isn’t found in the end but in those brief moments we forget we are inevitably falling and remember to live and breathe with one another. They show us what it means to love and care for another person regardless of how painful and complicated it may be. My hope is that we all might take a note and find those “compelling” moments more often before we all must inevitably find our own ending.

David Cotter

Notes on the Incidental Music

by Doug McConnell, Composer

The story of Orpheus and Eurydice is one that has fascinated composers for centuries! Claudio Monteverdi created one of the first operatic versions of this story in 1607, but even he was not the first composer to adapt this ancient story for musical purposes. Later composers, including Charpentier, Gluck, Offenbach, Birtwistle and Glass, among others, have also been inspired to present this story. Most recently, the American composer Matthew Aucoin has composed a new operatic setting, based on a libretto by Sarah Ruhl, the author of this evening’s play. This stunning production was performed at the Met this past December. Audiences can also enjoy a Broadway version called Hadestown, a Tony-award winning production with music by Anaïs Mitchell. Where does that leave this evening’s composer who would also like to work with this story? 


Enter Sarah Ruhl, the author of this evening’s play. Her engaging plan was to change the primary focus of the drama from Orpheus to Eurydice. This major change in perspective presents a fresh field of ideas and challenges for creative people who wish to share her vision. Ms. Ruhl’s play, first produced in 2003, encourages the creation of a lot of music, and I have not been shy! The incidental music for this production is not limited to scene changes; expect to hear underscore passages that accompany stage action and dialogue. Some of the characters will even sing now and again! The author has suggested that the play’s presentation of the underworld should resemble Alice in Wonderland, rather than more traditional presentations. This invites a composer to use his/her imagination in all kinds of ways. 


Brief Keynote: Eurydice is represented musically by a short motive, part of a larger theme that represents her character. Orpheus sings this motive to Eurydice in the very first scene of the play. Listen for this moment carefully, as you will hear this idea numerous times throughout the play. As the story develops, the motive/theme takes on various moods and colors.  





My thanks and gratitude to David Cotter, Stephen Svoboda, and the very talented cast and crew of this production of Eurydice; it has been a pleasure to work with them!


Cast List

Eurydice, Riley Gibson

Orpheus, Noah Rawson

Father, Jadon Muniz

A Nasty Interesting Man/

The Lord of the Underworld, Isaac Hulbert

Big Stone, Lexi Lang

Loud Stone, Krista Hagans

Loud Stone, Bri Clark

Production Team

Director, David Cotter

Assistant Director, Jasmine Ridler

Stage Manager, Autumn Perry

Assistant Stage Manager, Gavin Buurma

Lighting Designer, Daisy Long

Master Electrician, Ben Pollizi

Light Board Operator, Jackson Helmholtz

Technical Director, Ben Bodart

Sound Designer/Composer, Dr. Doug McConnell

Sound Board Operator, Kamryn Mohney

Costume Designer, Isaac Hulbert

Costume Shop Manager/Stitcher, Elaine Gittinger

Hair & Makeup, Jasmine Ridler

Wardrobe Hand, Bailee Coss

Scenic Designer, Karen Kozloski

Scenic Charge, Bri Clark

Props Master, Martina Dimiduk

Meet the Cast


Bri Clark is a junior Musical Theater major and is on track to get her MBA. She has participated in theatrical shows pretty much her whole life. Bri has been in multiple shows here at Heidelberg including Cabaret, Oedipus, She Kills Monsters, Freaky Friday, Elf, Heathers, 9 to 5, Puffs, The Addams Family, and Pride and Prejudice. She also participates as the scenic charge and graphic designer for the theater department. Bri is excited for her future here at Heidelberg as well as what will follow once she graduates.

Gibson, Riley.jpeg

Riley Gibson is a senior musical theatre major. At Heidelberg, she has been in The Music Man and Macbeth, Mamma Mia, Cabaret, She Kills Monsters, Freaky Friday, Elf, Dance Nation, Heathers, 9 to 5 and Pride and Prejudice. She has also been in Titanic at The Ritz Theatre. She has worked production on the shows Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime, Penguin Tango, and Dog Sees God. She also has assistant directed the shows Lysistrata, Oedipus, Elf and The Addams Family. She has also directed My First Time, which was performed in the blackbox theatre.


Krista Hagans is a sophomore musical theatre major from Dayton, Ohio. She graduated from Northridge high school, and is very excited for everyone to see the show!


Isaac Hulbert has always been fascinated with productions of all kinds on and off stage. Now that he is here at Heidelberg University, he is able to live out his dreams on the stage. Isaac is honored for the opportunity to participate in this show.


Lexi Lang is a sophomore who is double majoring in Musical Theater and adolescent/young adult education. In the past, she has participated in the Saginaw Choral Society, Thespians, Philharmonic Orchestra, and she co-founded the ASL Club at her high school. She has also been in 20 productions, including Heidelberg's shows: Freaky Friday and Elf. She is excited to participate in another HU show!


Jadon Muniz is a sophomore this year at Heidelberg University. He is majoring in Theatre with a concentration in Acting. Jadon is so excited to be a part of this amazing production with all these amazing people. He would like to thank Stephen and David for being so amazing during the production process. He would also like to thank his parents and brother for their constant love and support.


Noah Rawson is very excited to play Orpheus in Heidelberg's Eurydice. He recently played Wayne in Puffs, Mr. Bennet in Pride & Prejudice, and Santa in Elf, all performed here in Gundlach Theatre. Noah is a junior at Heidelberg studying theatre with a concentration in acting. He would like to thank his older sister, Ciera, for introducing him to theatre, his family and friends for supporting him, and Lizzie for putting up with his crazy schedule.

Meet the Production Team


Gavin Buurma is a Senior Musical Theatre major, with a minor in Business Administration from Willard, Ohio. He is typically found on-stage, but is very excited for the opportunity to be the assistant stage manager for Eurydice. It is his first time assistant stage managing a main stage show. He would like to thank his friends and family, especially his mom, for all of their support. The cast and crew have worked incredibly hard throughout the pandemic to continue to make art safely, enjoy the show!

Cotter, David.jpg

David Cotter previously served as the Managing Artistic Director of Town Hall Theatre, the only theatre in Dayton, Ohio, exclusively presenting work for young audiences. While at Town Hall Theatre, David oversaw the redevelopment of the education programs, developed programming for adults with special needs, and created and implemented a facilities upgrade plan for the theatre which included new lighting, sound and audience seating upgrades. David was the Director of Education at The Redhouse Arts Center in Syracuse, N.Y. where he oversaw a $3.2 million education collaboration program that focused arts integration and collaboration with students in the Syracuse City School District. In addition, he oversaw programming that included the Rock Camp experience, programming for adults with special needs and communications training for graduate and doctoral students in the medical fields. David is a certified music educator in Ohio and New York and spent time in the middle school classroom. David is a frequent presenter at conferences, which include the Southeastern Theatre Conference, American Alliance for Theatre Education, Florida Theatre Conference and Tedx. He is an avid musical theatre performer, director, and music director.


Jackson Helmholtz is a freshman musical theatre major from Dexter, Michigan. He has been in multiple productions at Heidelberg University including The Addams Family, My First Time, Pride and Prejudice, The Cake, and A Midsummer Night's Dream! He is ecstatic to be the light board operator for Eurydice. He hopes you enjoy the show!


Dr. Doug McConnell is a retired Professor of Composition/Theory for the School of Music and Theater at Heidelberg University. His compositions have been performed throughout the U.S. and internationally. Doug has written for a variety of performing mediums, but he especially enjoys writing for voices; his work in this area includes a variety of works for choirs. He has also composed several song cycles and collections, based on the poetry of Langston Hughes, Sara Teasdale and William Reyer. Dr. McConnell has composed for the theater as well; his work includes incidental music/sound design for various plays, most recently for the Heidelberg productions of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, and two ancient Greek plays: Oedipus and Lysistrata. Enjoy the show!


Kamryn Mohney is a musical theatre major and a business minor hoping to achieve her MBA at Heidelberg University. Kamryn is a third year student and debuted on the Gundlach Theater stage as Fraulein Kost in Cabaret as a freshman. A few other roles Kamryn has enjoyed while being at Heidelberg, is Medium Allison in Fun Home, Ellie Blake in Freaky Friday, and Wednesday Addams in The Addams Family. Her favorite role was Heather McNamara in Heathers. Kamryn is extremely excited to run sound for Eurydice. She is a part of Hei Notes here on campus. Kamryn would love to thank her friends and family for all of their support. She has been involved with theatre since the seventh grade and is delighted to continue her journey at Heidelberg.


Autumn Perry is a freshman theatre major with a concentration in production. She is from Warren, Michigan. She is delighted to be stage managing her first production here at Heidelberg. She would like to thank the cast and crew for all of their hard work on Eurydice. Enjoy the show!


Ben Pollizi is a junior musical theatre major here at Heidelberg and is so glad to be back for another semester! This semester he is performing in Midsummer as Bottom, in the ensemble of Cinderella, and in The Saga, as well as designing the lights for The Cake and The Saga. He serves as the master electrician for the theater as well. Previously he has played Oliver in Puffs, Beethoven in Dog Sees God, Mr. Collins in Pride and Prejudice, along with many other roles over his time here. He hopes you enjoy the show!


Jasmine Ridler is a senior Theatre and History double major and Business minor. She is thrilled to be the Assistant Director and Hair/Makeup Designer for Eurydice. She has also recently been noted for her acting work as Mrs. Bennet in Pride and Prejudice. She is planning to return to the stage in the April production of Roger and Hammerstein's revival of Cinderella, playing the role of Madame. Outside of theatre, Jasmine is the President of Berg Allies, the Founder of the Berg Body Positivity Club, Game Master of Make-A-Scene Improv Comedy Troupe, a Euglossian Society Corollary member, member of the theatre honorary Alpha Psi Omega, and a proud member of her sorority Kappa Psi Omega. She would like to thank Stephen Svoboda and David Cotter for their belief in her and passion for helping her grow. And she would like to thank her partner Leo Swain for his love and support.

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